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Baked Stoneriver Oysters
Malpac oysters stuffed with crab, bacon, roasted vegetables, topped rosemary cream au gratin.


Coconut Cajun Prawns
Tiger shrimp sautéed in olive oil, garlic butter, white wine, coconut milk and Cajun seasoning over a bed of rice Provençale.


Smoked Escargot
Smoked escargot in a puff pastry served with a creamy sauce.


Scallops and Brie
Grilled scallops, grilled pineapple, layered with brie cheese over a bed of mixed greens drizzled with a Sambuca herb sauce.


Appetizer for 2
Duck terrine, baked camembert in phyllo, Lobster vol au vent with tarragon cream and seafood stuffed oyster mushrooms.


Surprise Mussels
The Chef’s choice.


Wild Mushroom Patisserie
A blend of wild mushrooms, seared in olive oil, garlic butter, fresh herbs and red wine with Gruyere cheese, stuffed into puff pastry.



Chef's Seafood Chowder
Lobster, scallop, prawn, mussels, clams, Salmon(Choice of Creamy or Clear Chowder base).


Stoneriver Soup
Chef's creation of the day.


Caesar Salad
Crispy bacon, croutons, with our homemade Caesar dressing.

Stoneriver Salad
Baby Greens, toasted almonds, strawberries, blueberries, dried cranberries, goat cheese, orange citrus dressing.


Smoked Salmon Roulade
Smoked salmon pâté, smoked salmon slices topped with mixed greens and a raspberry coulis.


Warm Salad
Warm maple syrup dressing, mixed greens with roasted peppers, red onion, oyster mushrooms, goat cheese and roasted almonds.


With our commitment to quality and value we are proud to serve only Certified Angus Beef for our steaks. Recognized as the top cuts available to ensure a tremendous eating experience. Certified Angus Beef

New York Striploin - 10oz
Grilled to your liking served with roasted vegetables, roasted potatoes, stuffed leeks and a tarragon hollandaise.


New York Striploin - 12oz


Rib Eye Steak - 12oz
Grilled to your liking served with glazed, garlic mashed potatoes drizzled with a seven peppercorn and wild mushroom sauce.


Rib Eye Steak - 16oz


Filet Mignon - 8oz
Grilled to your liking served with roasted potatoes, golden beets, roasted peppers topped with a garlic and herb cheesecake.


Filet Mignon - 10oz


Add a grilled lobster tail $21
Add a side of tarragon hollandaise $3
Add a side of 7 peppercorn and wild mushroom sauce $4
Add a side of the Chef’s surprise sauce $4

Chateaubriand for 2
Choice of Stoneriver soup or Warm salad
Grilled filet mignon, roasted vegetables, roasted potatoes,
glazed carrots
Coffee or Tea

Tomahawk Steak for 2 (Jim's Recommendation)
Wet aged 45 days| Dry aged 45 Days
Large Long Bone Rib Steak
Roasted vegetables, roasted potatoes, sautéed King Oyster mushrooms

Roasted Seafood and Pesto
Seafood sautéed in a pesto sauce served with roasted peppers, onions, accompanied by oyster mushrooms and roasted garlic mashed potatoes.

Coquille St Jacques
Blend of seafood sautéed in olive oil, butter, garlic and fresh herbs finished with a white wine crème topped with garlic mashed potatoes and phyllo.


2 lb Lobster Dinner
2 lb steamed Nova Scotia lobster served with garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables of the day and garlic butter.

Market Price

Chef’s Favorite
Blend of fresh seafood, pan seared in olive oil, butter, garlic, fresh herbs and finished with white wine and coconut cream served with rice Provençale and vegetables of the day.


Cedar Planked Salmon
Salmon steak cooked on a cedar plank served with roasted peppers, golden beets and rice Provençal with a raspberry and herb coulis.


Sautéed mixed vegetables, baked in Arrabbiata sauce topped with brie cheese and phyllo.


Grilled filet with the Chef's special sauce and sautéed wild mushrooms served with roasted potatoes and vegetables of the day.


Wild Game

Lamb Chops
New Zealand lamb grilled to your liking served with roasted potatoes, roasted peppers and golden beets drizzled with raspberry coulis.


Braised breast of pheasant served with roasted potatoes, roasted peppers, topped with garlic and herb cheesecake and a cranberry chutney.


Duck Breast
Duck breast seared to a crispy skin and finished in the oven. Served medium rare with garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables of the day, topped with cranberry and herb chutney.


* Dessert menu changes weekly.

Join us for breakfast every Saturday & Sunday 8AM - 12PM

Breakfast Platter #1 for 2
Steaks stuffed with poached eggs, cream and brie cheese. Lobster Benny; Fresh lobster in a house made vol au vent drizzled with tarragon hollandaise. Accompanied with peameal bacon and herb roasted potatoes.


Breakfast Platter #2 for 2
French crepes stuffed with berries, custard and whipped cream. French toast stuffed with strawberries, pineapple and cream cheese topped with fresh cream and the chef’s butterscotch sauce.


Breakfast Platter #3 for 2
Eggs wellington, poached eggs wrapped in puff pastry with brie cheese and peameal bacon topped with an herb hollandaise. Black forest ham stuffed with brie cheese, boiled eggs topped with Chef Michel’s soft garlic cream sauce.


Kid's Breakfast Platter #1 for 2
Nutella and banana stuffed Crêpes, strawberries and cream cheese stuffed french toast and fresh fruit.


Kid's Breakfast Platter #2 for 2
Eggs Benny on a bed of peameal bacon, Cajun wedges and raspberry pancakes.